Luck Token Rises 1,000%, But Whales Accumulating This Lesser-Known Crypto

Luck Token Rises 1,000%, But Whales Accumulating This Lesser-Known Crypto

• Luck Token (LUCK) surged 1,000% in 24 hours before crashing to its current price of $0.0004712.
• Wall Street Meme’s (WSM) raised $12 million in their presale and has a vibrant community of over 256,000 followers.
• Luck Token may not recover due to lack of support from its community, while WSM is likely to outperform other meme tokens due to its strong social media presence.

Luck Token Rises 1,000% in 24 Hours

Luck Token (LUCK) has seen a surge of as much as 1,000% in 24 hours before crashing back down again after listing on Uniswap against Wrapped Ethereum (WETH). Currently priced at $0.0004712, the token has already experienced a 99% dump suggesting that it may have been rug-pulled and is now pretty much dead.

Wall Street Memes Raises $12 Million

Wall Street Meme’s (WSM) presale was hugely successful as the token managed to raise more than $12 million in a matter of days due to its already vibrant community which stands at over 256,000 followers on Twitter alone. This indicates why WSM is likely to outperform many other meme tokens who don’t enjoy such robust levels of support.

Luck Token Not Likely To Recover

The chart for LUCK should leave traders with little doubt that the coin has had its fun and will not be recovering anytime soon given the lack of social media presence or enthusiasm from its own limited community.

Why Wall Street Memes Is Likely To Outperform

The success behind WSM lies largely with its ability to generate interest from a large number of people and the fact that it is backed by a sizable and vocal fan base online who are ready to promote it and encourage others too invest in it too. This explains why WSM’s presale was so successful compared to Luck Tokens which didn’t seem able to generate any sort of traction prior or during their listing period on Uniswap.


In conclusion, Luck Token may have already been rug-pulled after experiencing a huge surge followed by an equally huge crash leaving it currently priced at $0.0004712 and unlikely to make any kind of recovery anytime soon due to weak fundamentals and lack of support from its own community . On the other hand Wall Street Memes’ huge success when raising more than $12 million during their presale shows how important having a supportive fan base can be for these kinds of crypto coins if they are going to have any chance at long term success despite lacking strong fundamentals .